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Collaboration Not Competition is all about addressing the ways white supremacy culture and anti-Blackness show up in our work, foster environments of scarcity, and stifle relationship- and power building. One of the antidotes to this is normalizing communicating about it when it comes up (e.g., internally, with funders, partner organizations, stakeholders, etc.).

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  1. Build a shared understanding of anti-blackness and white supremacy.
  2. Develop approaches to combatting manifestations of anti-blackness and white supremacy.
  3. Shift from Power Hoarding to Collective Action & Community.
Tools & Resources

Healthy Beginnings Presentation | AMCHP | June 2023 

A video presentation from Alexis Cobbins and Solaire Spellen about Collaboration Not Competition

Slide Deck | AMCHP | June 2023

Developed by Alexis Cobbins and Solaire Spellen to understand how anti-blackness and white supremacy lead to competition over collaboration.


Discussion Guide

Collaboration NOT Competition | Discussion Guide
Use this discussion guide with your organization to practice Collaboration Not Competition


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Alexis Cobbins and Solaire Spellen