AMCHP is currently accepting policy submissions to the MCH Innovations Database on a rolling basis. Select the “How Do I Submit a Policy?” tab below to learn more.

The goal of the Policy Track is to identify model examples of evidence-informed MCH policies that policymakers and MCH professionals can use as blueprints to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of future policies that benefit MCH populations. AMCHP stresses that evidence-informed policy should be equitable, relevant, unbiased, and should lead to improved MCH outcomes, while being informed by the best available evidence.

AMCHP defines evidence-informed MCH policy according to the following statement:  

Evidence-informed MCH policy should be equitable, relevant, unbiased, and should lead to significant outcomes that improve the health of women, children, families, and communities. Successful MCH policy is informed in its development, implementation, and evaluation by the best available evidence, including input from affected populations, data, scientific research, and rigorous on-going evaluation. MCH policy making occurs at all levels and settings, from community-based organizations, to state governments to federal agencies.

AMCHP considers MCH policies for three policy designations: evidence-informed policy development, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. Learn more about the requirements for each of these designations by checking out our Policy Track Designation Criteria.

Explore the sections below to learn more about submitting a practice to the MCH Innovations Database and to access our submission forms.

What does AMCHP consider a “Policy”?

Policies considered for this track include both “Big P” (e.g., public or governmental policies) and “little p” policies (e.g., private or non-governmental policies). Check out the video below to learn more about the differences between “Big P” and “little p” policies.

What are the Benefits of Submitting a Policy?

There are many benefits to being featured in the MCH Innovations Database, both for your work and the MCH field as a whole. Submitting to and being featured in the database allows you to: 

  • Share successes with peers around the country who may want to replicate your work
  • Receive national recognition for your policy
  • Contribute to building the MCH evidence base
  • Increase your policy approaches’ credibility
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from the MCH experts who will be reviewing your work
  • Receive support to have your work replicated
  • Connect with AMCHP for ongoing technical assistance and support

How are Policies Selected?

All submissions to the policy track are reviewed by a team of three reviewers with MCH policy knowledge who assess each policy along four dimensions: Evidence, Equity, Relevance, and Impact. Using these dimensions, the track assesses policy submissions to the database to determine if they are an example of Evidence-Informed Policy Development, Policy Implementation, and/or Policy Evaluation. AMCHP staff collate the reviewers’ scores and hold a review call for them to discuss their scores and ultimately reach a decision about if the policy should receive the designation it applied for. As a part of the review process, reviewers provide applicants with direct feedback on the policy’s strengths and areas for growth and improvement. In reviewing policy submissions, AMCHP’s goal is to be as inclusive as possible.

 Learn more about the requirements for each of these designations by checking out our Policy Track Designation Criteria.

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What Category Should I Apply For?

Not sure which designation to submit to? Check out our Policy Track Designation Criteria to figure out which designation is right for your policy, or email us at and we are happy to assist. You can find the submission forms for each policy designation in the section below.

How Do I Submit a Policy?

To submit a policy, complete the appropriate submission form below. Email a completed submission form to with the subject line “MCH Innovations Database – Policy Submission”. Please contact with any questions or concerns, and we are happy to assist.

See below for the submission form for each designation:

Policy Development Submission Form

Policy Implementation Submission Form

Policy Evaluation Submission Form

How Do I Refer a Policy?

Know of a policy that you think may be a good fit for our MCH Innovations Database? Complete the short referral form below, and we will reach out to the policy contact with next steps. This can either be for a policy that you work on, or one that you know of that you think should be featured in our database.


What are the submission and review timelines?

AMCHP is currently accepting policies to the MCH Innovations Database on a rolling basis. Submissions can be accepted at any time. Submitters will be notified as to whether or not their submission is accepted to the database between one to two months after submitting their work.

Reviewing for Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub submissions are reviewed by a team of three volunteer reviewers who are matched with a submission based on their MCH areas of expertise. Reviewers assess the submission according to criteria related to the designation the submission applied for. Reviewers provide applicants with direct feedback on each submission’s strengths as well as areas for growth and improvement. Reviewers are expected to commit to a total of 2-3 hours to participate in the review process which includes reviewing the submission and filling out the scoring form, participating in a 45 minute call with other reviewers, and completing a survey on your experience.

Time Commitment
Each review runs for approximately two months, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The time commitment for serving as a reviewer is roughly 3 hours total including watching an orientation video, reviewing your assigned practice, and participating in one45 min review call with your fellow reviewers.

Reviewer Benefits
Benefits of serving as a reviewer include:

  • Contribute to the MCH field by providing valuable feedback to developing and established practices and policies
  • Be on the forefront of emerging MCH evidence-based/-informed practices and policies
  • Gain experience with program evaluation and a peer-review process
  • Develop professionally while learning how AMCHP defines evidence and evaluates practices
  • Connect with MCH professionals from around the country

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