AMCHP is now accepting practice submissions to the MCH Innovations Database on a rolling basis! Select the “How do I Submit a Practice” tab below to learn more about the submission process.

The MCH Innovations Database is a searchable repository of “what’s working” in MCH which  includes effective practices and policies from the field that are positively impacting MCH populations. Practices in the database are assessed along a Practice Continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best Practice depending on a practice’s demonstrated impact, among other criteria. To learn more about submitting a policy, click here.

To ensure all practices contribute to improving health equity as an integral component of overall program sustainability, AMCHP has aligned the criteria on the Practice Continuum with a variety of equity assessments, including the Racial Equity Impact Assessment, Is My Implementation Practice Culturally Responsive Checklist, Foundational Practices for Health Equity, Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide, and the MCH Leadership Competencies. Explore the sections below to learn more about submitting a practice to the MCH Innovations Database and to access our submission forms. 

What Does AMCHP Consider a “Practice”?

AMCHP thinks of the term “practice” inclusively to encompass essentially any public health initiative “that’s working” and could be replicated by others. Practices can include, but are not limited to:

  • Programmatic initiatives    ​​
  • Collaboratives/coordination structures​​
  • Workforce development strategies ​​and approaches
  • Family/community engagement and partnership strategies ​​
  • Toolkits and curricula

What are the Benefits of Submitting?

There are many benefits to being featured in the MCH Innovations Database, both for your practice and the MCH field as a whole. Submitting to and being featured in the database allows you to: 

  • Share successes with peers around the country who may want to replicate your work
  • Receive national recognition for your practice
  • Contribute to building the MCH evidence base
  • Increase your practice’s credibility
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from the MCH experts who will be reviewing your work
  • Become eligible for opportunities to have your work replicated by others (check out our Replication Projects page to learn more)
  • Access to all components of AMCHP’s Innovation Hub Learning Community (IHLC)

AMCHP’s IHLC supports all practices in the MCH Innovations Database to strengthen the impact of their work by integrating programmatic, evaluation, and implementation best practices. The IHLC offers support through customized one-on-one coaching for practices based on their unique needs and interest areas; quarterly webinars on topics related to strengthening practice implementation and evaluation activities; and peer sharing groups to dig deeper into programmatic experiences and challenges. Join us for an upcoming IHLC webinars by visiting the Upcoming Events page and reach out to us at to learn more about submitting your work to Innovation Hub to become a part of the IHLC. 

How are Practices Selected?

Submissions are reviewed by a team of three reviewers who are matched with each practice based on their MCH expertise. Each reviewer assesses the submission according to criteria for the designation that practice applied for. AMCHP staff collate the reviewers’ scores and hold a call for them to discuss their scores and ultimately reach a decision about which designation the practice will receive. As a part of the review process, reviewers provide applicants with direct feedback on each practice’s strengths and areas for growth and improvement. 

Learn more about the criteria required for each practice designation by checking out our Minimum Criteria Checklist.

What Category Should I Apply For?

In general, we recommend that practices submit for the highest possible designation for which they meet the criteria listed on the Minimum Criteria Checklist. If a practice submits for a designation that reviewers deem too high for the practice based on the information provided, the practice can be awarded a different designation based on reviewer discretion.

Not sure which designation to submit to? Check out our Minimum Criteria Checklist to figure out which designation is right for your practice, or email us at and we are happy to assist. You can find the submission forms for each practice designation in the tab below.

See below for Model Submissions for each Category Designation:

Cutting-Edge Sample Submission

Emerging Sample Submission

Promising Sample Submission

Best Practice Sample Submission

How Do I Submit a Practice?

Submissions to the MCH Innovations Database are now accepted on a rolling basis! This new process serves AMCHP’s effort to reach a wider set of organizations, and to encourage more community-based organizations and smaller organizations to submit. We understand that organizations have busy, fluid schedules and they may not have had the time or bandwidth to submit an application with the prior application timeline. We are hoping that this new system provides greater flexibility and encourages any prospective applicants to apply on their most convenient timeline.  

To submit a practice, email a completed submission form to with the subject line “MCH Innovations Database – Practice Submission”. Please contact with any questions or concerns, and we are happy to assist.

See below for the submission form for each designation:

Cutting-Edge Submission Form

Emerging Submission Form

Promising Submission Form

Best Practice Submission Form

Submission FAQs

How long does it take to complete a submission?
The length of time it takes to complete a submission will depend in part on which designation you are submitting to. For example, a Best Practice submission will likely take longer than a Cutting-Edge submission because there are more questions to answer and it may take some time to pull together the evaluation data needed for the submission. Past applicants have shared that it can take between 2 to 8 hours to complete a submission, depending on which designation you are submitting for. That being said, if you feel that completing a submission is taking more time than that, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you.

What are the chances of my practice being accepted?
If your work appears to be having a positive impact on MCH populations and is something that could be replicated elsewhere, then it is likely a good fit for our database. The vast majority of submissions are accepted to the database.

Will I be able to provide clarification if reviewers have questions about my submission?
Yes! AMCHP staff will reach out to you with any questions that reviewers have while reviewing your submission. These questions will be compiled into our submission clarification form, which submitters will have about a week to respond to. Answers to the questions in the form will be shared back with reviewers.

What happens after my practice is accepted?
After your practice is accepted, there are two more steps to be featured in the database. The first step is to complete the Database Entry Survey that will be emailed to you by AMCHP staff. This will be your opportunity to input the information that you want displayed about your practice on your landing page in our database. The second thing is to complete the Practice Summary and Implementation Guidance Handout that will be featured in our database. AMCHP staff will pre-populate the handout with information from your submission form, and you will be asked to add additional implementation information for your practice such as budget, practice timeline, and staffing considerations, among other topics.

What is the Innovation Hub Awards process?
Each year, AMCHP’s Innovation Hub Awards recognize exceptional programs in the MCH Innovations Database that have made a difference in maternal and child health. Awards are presented at our annual conference and winners are selected by AMCHP staff. All practices that submit and are accepted to the database are eligible for AMCHP’s annual Innovation Hub Awards. Awards include:

  • Best Practice Award: Awarded to the highest scoring practice out of the practices received that year.
  • Stakeholder Empowerment and Partnership Award: Awarded to the practice which demonstrates the greatest contribution to meaningful stakeholder empowerment and partnership.
  • Advancing Health Equity Award: Awarded to the practice which demonstrates the strongest impact of meaningfully advancing racial and health equity.
  • Practice Development Award: Awarded to the practice which has achieved substantial gains in moving up the Innovation Hub practice continuum.

What are the Submission and Review Timelines?

AMCHP is now accepting practices to the MCH Innovations Database on a rolling basis. Submissions can be submitted at any time but will only be reviewed twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Please see below for key dates for the Spring 2024 Review. Check back later for key dates for our Fall 2023 Review. 

Activity Date
Submissions forms due to March 15th
Reviewers review submissions Tuesday March 19th – Tuesday April 2nd
Submitters contacted for submission clarification, if needed Wednesday April 3rd – Wednesday April 10th
Reviewers participate in review calls Monday April 22nd – Wednesday May 8th
Submitters contacted with final decision Mid May
Accepted submissions posted on website June – July

Reviewing for Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub submissions are reviewed by a team of three volunteer reviewers who are matched with a submission based on their MCH areas of expertise. Reviewers assess the submission according to criteria related to the designation the submission applied for. Reviewers provide applicants with direct feedback on each submission’s strengths as well as areas for growth and improvement. 

Time Commitment
Each review runs for approximately two months, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The time commitment for serving as a reviewer is roughly 3 hours total including watching an orientation video, reviewing your assigned practice and filling out the scoring form, participating in one 45 min review call with your fellow reviewers, and and completing a survey on your experience.

Reviewer Benefits
Benefits of serving as a reviewer include:

  • Contribute to the MCH field by providing valuable feedback to developing and established practices and policies
  • Be on the forefront of emerging MCH evidence-based/-informed practices and policies
  • Gain experience with program evaluation and a peer-review process
  • Develop professionally while learning how AMCHP defines evidence and evaluates practices
  • Connect with MCH professionals from around the country

Sign Up to Be a Reviewer
Interested in reviewing practices? Complete this short sign up form, and our team will contact you with next steps.


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