Terrance E. Moore, MA
Chief Executive Officer
Nikeisha Ogletree, HRPM, PHR, SHRM-CP
Chief Operating Officer
Caroline Stampfel, MPH
Chief Strategy & Program Officer
Amy Haddad
Chief Government Affairs Officer
Stacey Tuck, MS
Director of Programs
Ellisa Alvarez, BS
Public Health Associate
Sabra Anckner, RN, MSN
Associate Director, Clinical & Community Collaboration
Salomé Araya
Perinatal Health Program Analyst
Jasmine Bihm, DrPH, MPH
Director, Health Equity Innovation and Implementation
Shaquelle Ballou, MS, CHES
Program Manager, Maternal Health
Lauren Blachowiak, M.Ed.
Governments Affairs Manager, Public Policy & Government Affairs
Paige Bussanich Falion, MS
Associate Director, Child Health & CYSHCN
Dorianne Butler
Operations Coordinator
Mikayla Charles, MPH
Program Analyst, Epidemiology, Evaluation, & Metrics
Atyya Chaudhry, MPP
Senior Program Manager, Health Systems Transformation
Cheryl L. Clark, DrPH, RHIA
Associate Director, Epidemiology, Evaluation, & Metrics
Stacy Collins, MSW
Associate Director, Health Systems Transformation
Linnard Corbin
Operations Manager
Andria Cornell, MSPH
Associate Director, Women's & Infant Health
Anna Corona, MPH, CPH
Senior Program Manager, Child & Adolescent Health
Michelle Crawford
Senior Specialist, Family Leadership Initiatives
Mallory Cyr, MPH
Program Manager, CYSHCN
Catalina Desouza
Evidence & Implementation Intern
Eden Desta
Communications Analyst
Amani Echols, MPH
Policy Manager, Health Systems Transformation
Michelle Edwards, MBA
Brittany Frew, MPH
Program Manager, Clinical & Community Collaboration
Mikayla Frye, MPH
Program Manager, Workforce Development & Capacity Building
Eve Giordano, MPH
Program Associate
Justin Huang, MPH
Program Analyst, Clinical & Community Collaboration
Ben Kaufman, MSW
Associate Director, Workforce Development & Capacity Building
Lynda Krisowaty, MHS
Associate Director, Evidence & Implementation
Ollie Kuo, MPH
Special Project Senior Analyst, Evidence and Implementation
Maura Leahy, MPH, CHES
Program Manager, Child & Adolescent Health
Chery Manon Espinal
Senior Communications Manager
Meagan Robinson Maynor, DrPH
Senior Program Manager, Epidemiology, Evaluation & Metrics
Breahna Morgan
Operations Assistant
Jake Mulroy, MPH
Public Health Associate
Giannina Ong, MA
Program Manager, Reproductive and Maternal Health
Laura Powis, MPH
Senior Program Manager, Evidence-Based Policy & Practice
Janelle Sampson
Operations Coordinator
Sherie Lou Santos, MPH, MCHES
Director of Government Affairs
Iliana Siarmalis-White, MPH, CHES, CPH
Associate Director, Adolescent Health & Youth Engagement
Candice Simon, MPH
Program Manager, Workforce Development & Capacity Building
Jessica Simon, MSW
Senior Program Manager, Health Systems Transformation
Nia Sutton, MPH, CHES
Senior Program Manager, Strategic Impact
Kate Taft, MPH
Grants Manager
Shanel Tage, MPH
Program Manager, Perinatal Health
Hawi Teizazu, MA, PhD
Associate Director, Health Equity Innovation & Implementation
Noeli I. Vasquez, BS
Public Health Associate