Our Equity, Epidemiology and Evaluation team advocates for the effective use of evidence-based strategies, quality data, valid and reliable measures, and effective data translation and communication.


Current Initiatives

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What is Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology?

The systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of population-based, program-specific health and/or related data to: 

  • Assess the distribution and determinants of the health status of the MCH population
  • Determine needs of the maternal child population for the purpose of planning, implementing of science-based strategies

Promote MCH and related policy development
(Phillips, Sappenfield, Adler & Kogan, 2012)

How Can We Support You?

We provide and organize technical assistance (TA) on epidemiology and data related issues. To request epidemiology related TA, please click here and tell us about your epidemiology needs! 

Examples of TA that can be requested include but are not limited to:

  • Data linkage
  • Life course indicator analysis
  • Survey data analysis
  • Infographics and data visualization
  • Evaluation design and measurement

We look forward to hearing from you!

How Do We Support Effective Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology?

Vision: To assure that MCH practices, programs, policies, and initiatives are equitable, evidence-based, and data-informed.​

Mission: To be leaders and experts in providing support, training, and resources to build capacity and advance optimal health through:​

  • Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion for all populations
  • Supporting evidence-based/research-informed public health practice
  • Practicing and modeling sound evaluation methods
  • Advocating for representative, timely, and accurate data and data communications/translation
  • Developing valid and reliable metrics
  • Assisting with data capacity

Current Areas of Focus

Health Equity

  • Health Equity Research Agenda
  • Track Health Equity Efforts (Internal & External)
  • Promoting Health Equity in Evaluation, Data, and Program Efforts Across AMCHP
  • Lead Organizational Efforts on the Road to Equity
Epidemiology & Data

  • Internal and External Epidemiology Support & Technical Assistance
  • Maternal and Child Health Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Data Translation and Communications

  • Program Metrics & Evaluation
  • Internal and External Technical Assistance
  • Promotion of Evaluation Methods Using an Equity Lens
AMCHP Life Course Indicators

  • Maintenance
  • Exploration of new metrics
  • Application
Organizational Metrics 

  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Collection Process and Database

Areas of Interest

  • Health Equity Across All MCH Domains & Programs
  • Leadership Development  & Engagement – MCH Epidemiologists
  • Operationalization of Racial Justice and Reconciliation
  • Social Epidemiology
  • Prevention & Education of HIV/AIDS
  • Data Analysis
  • Reproductive Justice

Visit our Resources Library for information about data and assessment practices in maternal and child health.


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