Bridging Communities Through Strategic Partnerships: AMCHP 2024 Partnering with Purpose
November 07, 2023

As maternal and child health (MCH) professionals, our purpose remains at the heart of every decision, collaboration, and initiative we undertake. This year, as we focus on intentional impact, we introduce our 2024 AMCHP Annual Conference theme: Partnering with Purpose. AMCHP has always believed that collaboration isn’t just about joining forces, but coming together with intent, direction, and vision to make an impact for communities. 

The AMCHP 2024 theme acknowledges a foundational concept: while we are powerful as individuals, our true strength is magnified through collaboration. It calls upon each of us in the MCH community to be deliberate about who we partner with and how we forge these relationships. Through this idea, we are choosing a path rooted in authenticity as we seek to amplify the voices of those we serve, understand power dynamics, and ensure that our joint efforts reflect genuine respect and mutual goals.  

Mark your calendars and join us in person and online via our virtual conference platform for this year’s conference from April 13-16, 2024, in Oakland, CA.

Each year, the AMCHP Annual Conference spotlights a theme that resonates with the pressing issues faced by maternal and child health (MCH) programs and families. Our goal is to fortify the cooperation between local and state MCH initiatives and the families they serve. To choose our theme, we gathered suggestions from our conference planning team, AMCHP staff, the AMCHP Board, and AMCHP committee members. Through this process, our theme of Partnering with Purpose was created. 

People working in MCH are the backbone of our efforts, bringing passion and expertise to their communities and the people they serve. We believe that by joining forces to learn about effective initiatives, we can create ripples of positive transformation that form a lasting impact across the country.  

“I’ve always believed that purposeful collaboration is the cornerstone of impactful public health initiatives,” said Caroline Stampfel, AMCHP’s Chief Strategy and Program Officer and Annual Conference Planning Committee Liaison. “In a world full of challenges, partnerships can pave the way for sustainable solutions. This year’s theme reminds us to push beyond our comfort zones to seek collaborations with those who share our vision, even if we haven’t worked with them before.” 

When we all know what we’re trying to accomplish, it’s easier to work together, pool our resources, and make a real impact. Our theme drives home the belief that when we partner with intentionality, we create greater opportunities to make a positive change in the lives of families. We embrace the power of teamwork, knowing that we cannot do everything on our own, and acknowledge that together, the possibilities are endless. 

“Cultivating meaningful partnerships goes beyond just bridging communities together, but intensifying the depth and value of our connections. This year’s conference logo, features several ribbons connected together, signifying that just as a ribbon ties things together, our strength lies in our connections to each other and those we serve. Through this conference theme, we hope to create space for collaboration and exchange of ideas. Partnership is not always about speed – but moving in the same direction, at the speed of trust, means we are much more likely to reach our shared goals. I look forward to this year’s conference and seeing what our combined efforts can accomplish going forward.”

In our shared experiences, we are all woven into the same fabric of life, connected by threads of unity, vision, and common objectives.  As we come together under the theme of “Partnering with Purpose,” let us recognize that our partnerships, both old and new, are the driving force behind the transformational change we seek.

AMCHP strives to ensure that at least 50% of accepted proposal submissions directly address the conference theme and we invited submitters to include people with lived experience as speakers in your proposals. We look forward to the fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas that will come from this conference theme and hope that it sparks the energy we need to cultivate the next generation of MHC leaders. 

Through the power of intentional partnerships, let’s create a legacy that reflects our collective passion, purpose, and dedication to our shared goals! 


About the conference:  

The AMCHP Annual Conference is one of the country’s largest gatherings of maternal and child health (MCH) professionals. Every year, the conference aims to highlight the impact MCH programs are making at all levels for women, children, and families and to provide participants with tools and resources to develop, enhance, and sustain vital MCH programs and services.  

To explore the 2024 AMCHP Annual Conference call for proposals, draft schedule at-a-glance, and registration rates, please visit our conference platform.