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Creating the Healthy Beginnings Learning and Practice Cohort required a different approach. Understanding that community-rooted and/or community-based organizations (CBOs) may be unfamiliar with AMCHP, we first chose to design the application process to prioritize the needs of CBOs.

The Application Process

The application process was two-pronged: (1) Community groups submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI), and (2) Title V agencies responded to a Request for Application (RFA). Completing lengthy applications can inhibit smaller organizations with limited time and capacity to apply. The EOI submission guidelines were intentionally less restrictive featuring: a 6-week submission period, inclusive of various media formats such as audio, visual, and written submissions, and informational Q&A sessions.

Internal Racial Equity Requirements

Selected CBOs must include staff and leadership who are within and reflective of the community they serve. Community-rooted organizations must also prioritize supporting BIPOC communities. Title V agencies must demonstrate a commitment to racial equity work, inclusive of executive leadership. Considered Title V agencies must initiate internal and external racial equity journey prior to submitting an RFA response.

Flexible, Equitable Compensation, and Low Burden Reporting

Compensating community leaders for their expertise was a project priority. Not only were selected CBOs compensated for their participation, but funding was also flexible, with low-burden reporting (one-time, end-of-cohort reporting) that highlights the estimate of reach and impact of families served.

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  1. Understand how the Healthy Beginnings Cohort was created.
  2. Explore essential skills for Title V to hone.
  3. Understand elements of successful relationship building for state agencies and community-rooted organizations.

Tools & Resources

Healthy Beginnings Graphics | Rio Holaday | June 2023

This series of images illustrates:

  • How the cohort was developed.
  • Elements that support successful relationship development between MCH agencies and community-based organizations.
  • The values of the cohort.
  • The individuals and teams that made up the cohort and contributed to the amazing collaborative work.

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