The Potential Use of Agroforestry Community Gardens a Sustainable Import-Substitution Strategy for Enhancing Food Security in Subarctic Ontario, Canada

Country: Canada
State / Locale: Ontario, Canada
Population: Indigenous/First Nation
Community Engagement (IAP2 Spectrum): Empower
Equity: People Place Process Power

Study Description:
Many northern First Nations communities face food insecurity because they rely on expensive imported food. This study looks at whether Agroforestry Community Gardens (AFCGs) could help. Agroforestry is an ancient way of farming that combines trees and crops for better results. Unlike regular farming, agroforestry keeps the environment diverse and needs fewer chemicals. These systems can help food security by producing various foods with less effort. They can also adapt better to climate change. AFCGs might be a good way for communities to have better food and cope with changes in their environment and culture.

Tsuji, L. J., Tsuji, S. R., Zuk, A. M., Davey, R., & Liberda, E. N. (2020). Harvest programs in first nations of subarctic Canada: the benefits go beyond addressing food security and environmental sustainability issues. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(21), 8113.