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Youth and Young Adult Transition – Children’s Medical Service

State/Jurisdiction: Florida
Setting: Clinical
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Safe and Connected Communities Family & Youth Engagement Primary & Preventative Care Health Promotion & Communication Injury Prevention & Hospitalization Care Coordination
NPMs: NPM 11: Medical Home NPM 12: Transition

This practice is no longer being implemented. Unfortunately, there is no contact information available for this practice. Children’s Medical Services’ Youth and Young Adult Transition program helps youth and young adults with special health care needs learn self-determination and develop strategies for a successful transition into adulthood. Each of the 22 Children's Medical Services area offices in Florida has designated a care coordinator (either a nurse or social worker—some offices have teams) as a point of contact for communications about youth and young adult transition. The care coordinator identifies national, state, and community resources for the successful transition of youth and young adults with special health care needs to all aspects of adult life; including health, work, and integration within their community.

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