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Developing, Testing, and Scaling Coordinated Intake & Referral

State/Jurisdiction: Florida
Setting: Community
Population: Families & Caregivers Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement Care Coordination

Florida MIECHV, in partnership with the state Title V agency, developed coordinated intake and referral (CI&R) models with a group of state-designated Healthy Start Coalitions in the spring of 2016. The primary objective of this "Developing, Testing, and Scaling "Coordinated Intake & Referral"" initiative was to develop a community-driven approach to Coordinated Intake & Referral, using the state’s universal prenatal and infant screens, that could be adapted and scaled statewide through local Healthy Start Coalitions. With the implementation of the federal Maternal, Infant & Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program, multiple evidence-based home visiting programs are available in many Florida communities, along with long established family support programs such as state and federal Healthy Start. There was an identified need to develop an effective system for identifying at-risk families and connecting them with programs that best met both their needs and preferences. This was critical to reaching more families while reducing duplication of services. Florida used a unique approach to developing and testing CI&R that was community-driven and incorporated CQI principles and processes.

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Florida Maternal Infant & Early Childhood Home Visiting
Paloma Prata

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