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Building Capacity for Food Systems and Health Systems to Partner

State/Jurisdiction: Wisconsin
Setting: Community
Population: Families & Caregivers
Topic Area: Equity & Anti-Racism Nutrition & Physical Activity

Cross-sector partnerships between clinics and food pantries are critical to support children and family’s connection to nutrition and food resources, as well as to other benefits (e.g., TANF, SNAP, WIC) and even to a medical home. Food pantries embedded within local communities are essential to the economic well-being of individuals and families whose circumstances make it difficult to access food as evidenced by frequency of individual visits to food pantries. According to Feeding America, visits occurred an average 8.5 times a year with two-thirds who routinely accessed a pantry.1, 2 Community-based organizations (CBOs) may have trusting relationships with individuals who routinely walk through their doors. This relationship can offer the potential to better identify risk factors contributing to poor health beyond the reach of clinicians who often do not go into the community.

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Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin
Geeta Wadhwani
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