Episode 18 – What the Health is Food Insecurity?!
May 06, 2024

Guest Speakers:   

  • Serena Sakkal, Program Manager, Pueblo Food Project  
  • Bennett K. 

Guest Host:  

  • Amber Woodside, AMCHP Youth Voice Amplified Committee Co-Chair 

Our newest MCH Bridges and What the Health?! crossover episode, led by AMCHP’s Youth Voice Amplified (YVA) committee, talks about the food insecurity crisis in the United States from a systems and lived experience point of view, and how these perspectives impact each other. This episode shares an overview of the state of food insecurity in this country, a background of different terms in the food justice space, and the inequities that present challenges for many in our communities. You will also hear about the importance of empowering communities and understanding solutions to accessing nourishing foods they connect with to create positive health outcomes.  

Tune in now to listen and learn from guest host Amber Woodside and speakers Serena Sakkal and Bennett K. who share their experiences and insights on how to restore the connection between food and joy. 

Disclaimer: This episode deals with topics of food insecurity, food banks, poverty, childhood trauma, nutrition, and systems of discrimination. Please prioritize your mental health and consider if you’re ready to listen to this episode. If you or your family are experiencing acute food insecurity, you can dial 211 to be connected to a local confidential referral service in order to find assistance. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or food related trauma responses, you can contact the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Helpline at 1-866-662-1235. 


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