Episode 17– Medicaid Redetermination: Stories from Families to Inspire Action
February 20, 2024

Guest Speakers:   

  • Alison Yager, Executive Director, Florida Health Justice Project 
  • Janis Fay, Mother of three children 

Guest Host:  

  • Atyya Chaudhry, Policy Consultant, AMCHP 

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Medicaid Enrollment and Unwinding Tracker, as of February 1, over 16.4 million Medicaid and CHIP enrollees nationwide have been disenrolled and lost their coverage. Over 70% of people are losing coverage because of paperwork reasons, such as missing notices from the state Medicaid office and an inability to produce wage statements. Out of the states reporting age breakouts, children accounted for 38% of Medicaid disenrollments. 

Our latest MCH Bridges episode highlights the human experiences of what these alarming statistics mean for families across the country and emphasizes the role of leaders in maternal and child health (MCH) during this ongoing issue. Guest host Atyya Chaudhry dives into the stories of those with lived experience of losing Medicaid coverage and what organizations like the Florida Health Justice Project are doing to make an impact. 

Tune in to these important conversations with our guests Janis Fay and Alison Yager, who share their experiences and insight, as well as action steps that MCH advocates and individuals who are experiencing coverage loss can take.


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