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Year Created: 2022
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Practicing Harm Reducing Language (HRL) avoids stigmatization of populations and individuals for the conditions they experience because of systemic imbalances of power. Using HRL is important as it requires people and institutions in positions of power to take accountability by naming root causes of inequity. HRL use redirects blame from persons and communities affected by conditions, and acknowledges the perpetual harm caused by systems and structures that have power and privilege.
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  1. Understanding harm reducing language.
  2. Identify issues within conventional public health language.
  3. Practice reframing language use.
Tools & Resources

Presentation Slides | AMCHP | June 2022
Slide deck of HRL conversation used during June monthly Learning & Practice Cohort meeting

Glossary | AMCHP | June 2022
Suggestive guide with terms to avoid and alternative preferred language

Inclusive Language Guide | OHSU | February 2021
Tool developed by Oregon Health & Sciences University to guide communication-related to descriptors around race and ethnicity, ability, immigration status, and gender and sexual orientation/status.