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TRACK Trails

State/Jurisdiction: North Carolina
Setting: Community
Population: CYSHCN Families & Caregivers
Topic Area: Nutrition & Physical Activity
NPMs: NPM 8.1: Physical Activity – Ages 6 to 11 NPM 8.2: Physical Activity – Ages 12 to 17

In early 2020, the Henderson County Innovative Approaches used Provider and Parent/Caregiver Surveys and Focus Groups to collect data which identified issues regarding systemic change as it relates to CYSHCN in our community. Additionally, the IA Steering Committee prioritized a variety of themes through brainstorming and affinity mapping. An IA Needs Assessment resulted in priorities that included awareness of resources, community awareness of disabilities and inclusion, and partnerships. Specifically also identified as an area of significance was the need for more inclusive playgrounds and other outdoor recreational activities geared toward CYSHCN. This also aligned with the goal of positively impacting health issues around weight and weight loss by increasing physical activity as outlined in the 2018 Henderson County Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the 2019 Henderson County State of the County Health (SOTCH) report. The 2019 SOTCH also prioritized TRACK Trails as part of the physical activity focus area interventions and has worked to support the installation of multiple TRACK Trails in Henderson County. IA worked with families of CYSHCN and adapted a version of the NC Office on Disability and Health’s (NCDOH) Accessibility Review to create a document specific to outdoor recreational space. This tool is used to conduct Accessibility Reviews for each TRACK Trail, as well as for other outdoor projects in our community. The anticipation is that this tool can eventually be reviewed and approved by NCODH and NC Americans with Disabilities Act Network and replicated for use in other communities.

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Henderson County Department of Public Health
Karen K. Caldwell

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