Bonus Episode: The AMCHP Annual Conference Experience
April 19, 2023


Guest Speakers:   

  • Katherine Harvey, 4-H Extension Agent, Colorado State University 
  • Dana Yarbrough, Director, Center for Family Involvement, Virginia Commonwealth University 
  • Quatia (Q) Osorio, Founder of Our Journ3i, LLC 
  • Xenia Mendez, Research Analyst, University of California San Francisco’s Institute for Health Policy Studies  

This bonus episode captures the experience of attending the AMCHP Annual Conference from a variety of perspectives. As past attendees, our guest speakers shared what they learned, some pro tips for taking advantage of conference opportunities, and why it’s important that we encourage and support youth and young adults, family leaders, community-rooted organizations, tribal government representatives, and students and early career professionals to attend the AMCHP Annual Conference. You’ll hear from Katherine Harvey, representing the perspective of a young adult leader, and Dana Yarbrough, a family leader and proud parent of a daughter with disabilities and special healthcare needs. You will also hear from Quatia (Q) Osorio, doula and founder of Our Journ3i, and Xenia Mendez, alumna of our Graduate Student Epidemiology Program (GSEP) representing students and early career professionals. 

Tune in now to listen to host Maura Leahy and speakers Katherine, Dana, Q, and Xenia as they share the impact the AMCHP Annual Conference has had on their MCH journey and how they have impacted our conference.  

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