Apply for AMCHP Innovation Hub’s Replication Project
November 29, 2022

What is the Replication Project? As part of its work to promote and encourage the use of best practices, AMCHP’s Innovation Hub launches its Replication Project every year. The Replication Project is a yearly opportunity for organizations focused on maternal and child health that are interested in growing the capacity and reach of their work.

Participants of this opportunity choose a practice from the MCH Innovations Database, which houses numerous effective strategies grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Awardees then begin a year-long process of implementing the selected practice into their work. With this implementation opportunity, their organization can expand in several ways and receive tailored support to their needs.

What can my organization gain by applying? For applicants of the project, there are several benefits to growing their capacity and the impact of their work in this way. In addition to the grant component, applicants receive one-on-one support and coaching from the practice representative of the project they are replicating. Having guidance from the organization that has successfully put into action a particular practice is essential to replicate the process. Any unique situations or issues that awardees might encounter don’t have to be navigated completely on their own, but with the help of a seasoned professional when it comes to the practice specifics. Other benefits include general visibility of the great work they’re doing, building meaningful relationships with key partners, and support in creating a plan for project sustainability.

The cohort of awardees also has group webinars centered around their work and what stage they’re in regarding the replication. These webinars are key in sharing effective implementation practices that they can use as they move through their project time. Within these webinars, awardees share with one another their own unique experiences. This scheduled time allows for group discussion as well as the sharing and creation of creative ideas to aid them in their implementation process. Awardees may have selected different practices to replicate, but they share a similar experience of starting a meaningful project for their work.

My organization is interested! How do we apply? Applications for this opportunity will be accepted until March 3, 2023, and you can visit our website for more information!