Noeli I. Vasquez, BS
Program Analyst, Evidence & Implementation

Background & Bio
Noeli I. Vasquez received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Syracuse University in 2021. Following her graduation, Noeli was selected to participate in the Centers of Disease Control’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP), a competitive, two-year, paid training program where she received hands-on education and direct experience in varying public health topics. Noeli was assigned to AMCHP and placed on the Evidence and Implementation (EI) team.

Noeli completed the PHAP program in October 2023 and transitioned to the Program Analyst position. She works very closely with all projects under the Innovation Hub. Her duties include maintaining the MCH Innovations Database and co-leading the bi-annual reviews, assisting and serving as a coach for the Replication Projects, and providing general technical assistance to all those interested in learning more about Innovation Hub. She also serves as the Innovation Hub liaison to the Maternal Health Learning & Innovation Center and works to identify effective practices and evidence-informed policies relevant to MCH.

Ask Me About:

AMCHP’s Innovation Hub, health equity, Latinx vs Latine, community-defined evidence, oat milk, Beyonc√© (if you dare)