Lynda Krisowaty, MHS
Associate Director, Evidence & Implementation
(202) 266-3058

Background & Bio
Lynda Krisowaty, MHS, has over ten years of experience across a range of public health programs and topics with an emphasis on program development, evidence-based practice, implementation science, and curricula/training development and facilitation. Ms. Krisowaty currently serves as the Associate Director, Evidence & Implementation and leads AMCHP’s Evidence & Implementation Team. In this role, she manages activities that enhance the MCH workforce’s capacity to identify/develop, implement, improve, and sustain evidence-based/-informed practices as well as apply evidence-based decision-making tools and processes. Prior to her current position at AMCHP, Ms. Krisowaty worked at several international NGOs and domestic nonprofits supporting a variety of public health initiatives including cultural orientation and community interpretation programs for newly arrived refugees as well as developing a scripted parenting curriculum for nontraditional caregivers. In addition, Ms. Krisowaty has over six years of experience teaching, training, and facilitating from her time as a middle school special education teacher, as an ESL instructor, and as a public health education coordinator at a health center in Uganda. Ms. Krisowaty received her BS in Anthropology from Binghamton University and her MHS in Mental Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

My Current Work
Ms. Krisowaty supports a range of programs and activities related to evidence and implementation at AMCHP such as leading AMCHP’s Replication Projects, serving as the staff liaison for the MCH Innovations Committee, supporting AMCHP’s MCH Around the World Initiative, and co-leading AMCHP’s Mental Health Team . In addition, Ms. Krisowaty is a technical assistance provider and coach for the University of North Carolina’s National MCH Workforce Development Center where she supports state MCH leaders to address MCH challenges through the use of evidence-based decision-making and implementation tools and processes.

Ask Me About
AMCHP’s Innovation Hub, evidence-based decision-making, implementation science, global MCH, mental health, herding cats, and all things food related