Recording from June 2022. AMCHP's Global Health Workgroup provides background information on the global maternal mortlaity crisis and highlights opportunities for birth workers to intervenen and alleviate this crisis. Guest presenters from international maternal and child health organizations give an overview of their practice to support pregnant and birthing people, and prevent maternal deaths. Special guests: Andrew Herrera, MPH, MBA, Executive Director of Curamericas; Mario Rodriguez Valdez Ramirez, Executive Director of Casa Maternas, Guatemala; Juany Valdez, Head Nurse of Casa Maternas, Guatemala; Nick Pearson, Founder and Co-Executive Director of Jacranda Health; Chanel Porchia-Albert, Founder of Ancient Song Doula Services.

Language: English
Year Created: 2022
Topic Tags: Equity & Anti-Racism Global Health Maternal & Infant Health Workforce Development
File Type: Video
Resource Type: Webinar