Indigenous Community Perspectives of Food Security, Sustainable Food Systems and Strategies to Enhance Access to Local and Traditional Healthy Food for Partnering Williams Treaties First Nations

Country: Canada
State / Locale: Ontario, Canada
Population: Indigenous/First Nation
Community Engagement (IAP2 Spectrum): Empower
Equity: People Place Process Power

Study Description:
In this study, researchers teamed up with the Williams Treaties First Nations in southern Ontario to work together on understanding food security and sustainability. They aimed to improve local food systems so that people can access food easily. The researchers used an Indigenous method called the conversational method, within a community-based approach, to help the community define what food security and sustainability mean to them. The insights from this study will shape new ideas for programs and projects that promote sustainable food systems. The community's actions will support their well-being and their right to have reliable access to food. The project involved Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners and can be a valuable guide for planning community-based projects to enhance food security and sustainability.

Domingo, A., Charles, K. A., Jacobs, M., Brooker, D., & Hanning, R. M. (2021). Indigenous community perspectives of food security, sustainable food systems and strategies to enhance access to local and traditional healthy food for partnering williams treaties first nations (Ontario, Canada). International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(9), 4404.