A pilot food prescription program promotes produce intake and decreases food insecurity

Country: United States
State / Locale: Harris County, TX
Population: Female (79.1%), average household 4.6 people, with 1.9 children per household
Community Engagement (IAP2 Spectrum): Collaborate
Equity: People Place

Study Description:
The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate whether a collaborative clinic-community based food prescription program could work effectively in an area with a high rate of food insecurity in Harris County, TX. Through enrolling participants from two school-based clinics and one Federally Qualified Health Center in North Pasadena, which is an area with a significant food insecurity issue in Harris County, TX. Screened adults for food insecurity during their visits to the health clinics to determine if they met the criteria to participate in the study. Participants could choose two or more varieties of both fruits and vegetables up to 30 pounds every 2 weeks for up to 12 visits at a local food pantry and up to four non-perishable “Food Rx-Friendly” items. This pilot food prescription program demonstrated success in sustainability, acceptability, and a 94% decrease in those experiencing food insecurity during the six-month program.