Emerging Practice

Virtual Autism Diagnostic Clinic

State/Jurisdiction: Pennsylvania
Setting: Home Virtual
Population: CYSHCN
Topic Area: Telehealth Health Screening
NPMs: NPM 6: Developmental Screening

Easterseals Autism Diagnostic Clinic is designed to identify autism in toddlers ages 14 months through three years of age. The primary goal of the clinic is to provide access to autism diagnosis as early and quickly as possible by addressing the shortage of developmental pediatrics in rural and suburban areas. The ADC uses a virtual model with a psychologist and/or developmental nurse practitioner administering the evaluation via teleconference while guiding the parent through activities with the child in their home. Diagnosticians from either Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) or St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia are also online to observe. The team then collaborates to complete the intricate assessment scoring and provide the family with a same-day diagnosis.

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