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The JJ Way® Model of Maternity Care – Easy Access Clinic

State/Jurisdiction: Florida
Setting: Clinical
Population: Infant Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Equity & Anti-Racism Safe and Connected Communities Reproductive Health Birth Outcomes
NPMs: NPM 1: Well-Woman Visit NPM 3: Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care

The goal of The JJ Way® is to eliminate racial and class disparities in perinatal health and improve birth outcomes for all. Realizing that the midwifery model could help improve birth outcomes for all babies, midwife Jennie Joseph, CPM, and her birth center team worked to create a midwifery-based model that was culturally relevant and accessible to women of color and low-income women. What makes this practice remarkable is its unique team-based, culturally-relevant approach to prenatal care, and its relationship with the local medical community. Many women receive their prenatal care through this practice and then birth at the hospital with a physician. The physicians trust the quality of care given through this practice and readily accept the transfer of care at delivery time. Program objectives include: 1) Remove barriers and increase access to first-trimester entry into prenatal care; 2) Create an immediate maternity medical home, 3) Strive for cost effectiveness, utilizing existing staff and resources, yet saving countless dollars by preventing preterm and low birth weight babies; 4) Provide educational and social support services and referrals; 5) Improve quality of care, reduce incidence of litigation and increase client and staff satisfaction; and 6) Provide a model that is easy to duplicate which allows the healthcare provider to run an efficient, safe and productive system The JJ Way™ is adaptable to any type of practice or provider. The target populations are families which include newborns/infants and women. Specifically, the model aims to reduce health disparities that exist due to race and provide quality care to low-income, uninsured or underinsured women.

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