Best Practice

The HealthConnect One Community-Based Doula Program

State/Jurisdiction: National
Setting: Community
Population: Adolescents & Young Adults Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Safe and Connected Communities Reproductive Health Birth Outcomes
NPMs: NPM 1: Well-Woman Visit NPM 2: Low-Risk Cesarean Delivery NPM 4: Breastfeeding

The HealthConnect One Community-Based Doula Program provides support to young families during pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. Community-based doula programs dramatically increase breastfeeding rates and decrease C-section rates – by providing extended, intensive peer-to-peer support to families throughout pregnancy, during labor and birth, and into the early postpartum period. They are a mitigating factor for maternal mortality, and for many other risks to birthing families, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color.

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HealthConnect One
Tikvah Wadley

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