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SPAN Empowering Women

State/Jurisdiction: New Jersey
Setting: Home-Based
Population: Perinatal/Infant Health, CYSHCN, Adolescent Health, Women/Maternal Health, Cross-Cutting/System Building, Family Care
Topic Area: Health Equity, Mental Health, Substance Use, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Reproductive Health, Primary/Preventative Care,
NPMs: NPM 1: Well-Woman Visit

Since 2013 SPAN has been a recipient of OPDD funding to address and reduce the risk of preventable developmental disabilities. For the first two years, SPAN provided provider education on effective communication of prevention messages to diverse women of childbearing age and individual assistance to at risk women. SPAN’s dual strategy of providing Peer to Peer Support Groups to at-risk women of childbearing age and provider education during the third and fourth years of funding and expanding upon lessons learned in years five and six to educate youth through high school presentations have shown to be effective at increasing knowledge and raising awareness about FASD prevention, social determinants of health, and risks of alcohol use. An evaluation of the project’s peer to peer support groups found that peer support plays an important role in the learning process about FASD: most participants reported that through participating in the group, they learned new information about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy, while at the same time, the group reinforced and validated what they already knew.

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