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Reducing Breastfeeding Disparities in California through Lactation Accommodation Workgroup

State/Jurisdiction: California
Setting: Workplace
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals Infant
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Equity & Anti-Racism Health Promotion & Communication
NPMs: NPM 4: Breastfeeding

The purpose of the “Reducing Breastfeeding Disparities in California through Lactation Accommodation Workgroup” is to collaborate to build capacity to support workplace lactation accommodation in California and reduce related disparities. We did this by convening high level stakeholders that represented various state and federal lactation accommodation laws in California. The core components of this workgroup were 1) clarifying laws, 2) ensuring questions and answers on partners' web pages were accurate, 3) ensuring that all stakeholders provided consistent helpful information on lactation accommodation, 4) providing education to the public via educational materials, social media, webinars, and conference workshops, 5) elevating lactation accommodation as part of California’s World Breastfeeding Awareness month, and 6) providing input into a 2020 Brief entitled “Lactation Support for Low-Wage Workers.”

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