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Recommendation Tools to Align Fatality Review Programs to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

State/Jurisdiction: Michigan
Setting: Community
Topic Area: Reproductive Health Birth Outcomes

Have tools and resources available for local FIMRs to develop more actionable and equitable recommendations along with recommendations developed and submitted in a standardized format to elevate locally and through the State. Evaluate if the tools/resources are being used by local FIMRs, how the tools are by used, and if they are helpful. Additionally, develop a tool and methodology for recommendations from FIMRs to be analyzed with Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance (MMMS) recommendations to identify themes and themes for action. The core components of this initiative included development of FIMR logic models, evaluation plan and survey, and implementation the FIMR and MMMS recommendations alignment methodology.

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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Audra Brummel
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