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Prenatal Plus Program

State/Jurisdiction: Colorado
Setting: Clinical
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Care Coordination Birth Outcomes
NPMs: NPM 3: Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care

Prenatal Plus is a Medicaid-funded program that provides care coordination, nutrition, and mental health counseling to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women in Colorado who are at an increased risk for delivering low birthweight infants. The goal is to reduce the number of low birthweight infants born to women in the program. The Prenatal Plus Program uses the Client-Centered Counseling approach with all participants to address a variety of issues that have been shown to have a negative impact on birth outcomes. This approach allows both the provider and the client to focus on and prioritize small goals during each session.

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Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
Brooke Greenky

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