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PowerMom FIRST

State/Jurisdiction: California
Setting: Home
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Equity & Anti-Racism Birth Outcomes Data Assessment & Evaluation

In the US, maternal mortality remains unacceptably high in contrast to other developed nations. Black and Hispanic pregnant people are several times more likely to experience maternal morbidity and mortality. While structural racism and discrimination (SRD) significantly contributes to devastating inequities, inadequate information exists to quantify the direct correlation of structural and individual level racism to health outcomes. Identifying the broad impact of SRD on pregnancy and insight into the domains of influences on maternal child health outcomes is urgent. Via an extensive and diverse database which includes biometric data collected from wearable sensors, PowerMom FIRST (Fighting Inequity & Racism with Supportive Technology) is uniquely positioned to establish the crucial relationship between SRD and maternal-fetal-child health outcomes.

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