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Pharmacist Provision of Preconception Care Via Medication Therapy Management

State/Jurisdiction: Ohio
Setting: Workplace
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Health Promotion & Communication Workforce Development

The Pharmacist Provision of Preconception Care via Medication Therapy Management project was conducted in Ohio to demonstrate the feasibility of pharmacist-directed preconception care. It demonstrate the feasibility of community pharmacist provision of preconception services via MTM and suggests that this project may be replicated in other states. Although one-third to one-half of Americans have no medical home, the average American lives within 5 miles of a community pharmacy. Yet, community pharmacists are often over-looked as potential partners for many MCH initiatives. This successful model raises awareness about opportunities to capitalize on the pharmacy workforce to reach the public and can be expanded to include other aspects of preconception care as well as the provision of additional preventive care services by community pharmacists.

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