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Perinatal Wellness Coach Pathways Program

State/Jurisdiction: Oklahoma
Setting: Community Religious Establishments School-Based Workplace Home-Based
Population: Perinatal/Infant Health, Child Health, Adolescent Health, Women/Maternal Health, Family Care
Topic Area: Workforce Development & Leadership

The pathways for reproductive health and wellness are usually offered by medical providers who see family planning through a lens of pharmaceutical-grade contraceptives and intravenous treatments with pills, patches, implants, and injections. We have designed a cutting-edge pathway to becoming a Perinatal Wellness Coach®️ that supports teens, women, and childbearing families, with holistic approaches to reproductive well-being. The InTune Mother Perinatal Wellness Coach Certification Training is designed to expand the skills, knowledge, and capacity of community-based birth work providers to support historically excluded childbearing populations with actionable steps toward wellness as it relates to Reproductive Consciousness®️.

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