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PASOs Connections for Child Development

State/Jurisdiction: South Carolina
Setting: Community
Population: Children
Topic Area: Equity & Anti-Racism Health Screening

PASOs Connections for Child Development was developed to address the specific strengths and challenges of Latino families with young children in a new immigrant settlement area. It uses a culturally tailored, early identification and referral model, that aims to address the screening gaps and deficits related to school readiness often experienced by Latino children. The model promotes early childhood equity by identifying Latino children who need additional developmental support, connecting them to resources to address gaps, and empowering parents with tools and skills to support their children’s optimal development at home. Through PASOs Connections for Child Development, trained, bilingual, bicultural Community Health Workers (CHWs) screen children’s development using the validated Ages and Stages 3 and Ages and Stages Social Emotional questionnaires primarily at the family’s home, as well as at other sites such as clinics and libraries. Children who exhibit developmental needs are referred to appropriate resources, such as early intervention, early childhood programs, therapies, and specialty care. The CHWs also connect families with resources that address food insecurity, mental health, medical needs, transportation, and other social determinants of health. All parents receive a parent toolkit in their language that is culturally tailored to support them to monitor their child’s developmental milestones in the home, and are taught skills on how to use the toolkit items to foster their children’s development. This personalized education and navigation support also supports the parent to be a better advocate for their children’s need should they need additional resources. Working to increase early diagnoses for Latino children and empowering their parents with skills and knowledge mitigates the gap between Latino children and their peers as they enter kindergarten, with the goal of achieving sustained change after the intervention.

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