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Partners In Pregnancy

State/Jurisdiction: Virginia
Setting: Community Home
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Primary & Preventative Care Care Coordination
NPMs: NPM 3: Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care

CHIP Registered Nurses and Parent Educators use a collaborative model to work in cooperation with the family, the Optima Health Plan, medical professionals and community service providers to meet goals related to health, child development, family functioning, and self-sufficiency. Families are referred by their Optima Health Plan and are offered home visits by the RN, Parent Educator or both at least once per month but often receive visits more frequently, depending on family needs. The CHIP staff and the Optima Health Plan telephonic case manager nurses have monthly calls to discuss that status of cases, to share resources and trouble shoot issues with families. The Partners in Pregnancy program evaluation showed that the average claims of a participating pregnant woman and her child through the first year of life was $6,658, compared with $8,945 for the control group. This is a net savings of $2,287 per pregnancy, and an overall return on investment of 1.26. CHIP babies spent 44% fewer days in the hospital than the control babies. NICU days per 1,000 were 3,086 for CHIP babies and 6,417 for the control group. On average, of children enrolled in CHIP, 92% have health insurance, 95% have a medical home and 94% are up to date on their immunizations. To learn more about CHIP, visit

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