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Parent Coaching Within a Pediatric Primary Care Practice

State/Jurisdiction: Ohio
Setting: Clinical
Population: Children Families & Caregivers
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement

There is an increasing awareness of the need for pediatric practices to provide holistic care to their patients, inclusive of parents, since up to 50% of health outcomes are attributable to social and economic factors. The Parent Coaching within a Pediatric Primary Care Practice program addresses that need by embedding parent coaches within pediatric practices to intervene swiftly and mitigate the potential for negative long-term health and social concerns. Parent coaching is a collaborative process that helps parents and other caregivers navigate everyday parenting challenges. The coaching process supports parents in reducing and/or preventing toxic stress within their family, as well as helping their children develop critical life skills and coping skills needed for them to thrive. Families are identified for parent coaching through positive screens at pre-selected well-child visits or through direct pediatrician referrals as parenting issues arise during medical appointments. Co-location of the parent coach within the pediatric practice removes barriers to service activation and enables enhanced communication among pediatricians, medical office staff, and parent coaches. Coaching engagements with parents typically range between two and six sessions.

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