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One Key Question®

State/Jurisdiction: National
Setting: Clinical
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Reproductive Health

One Key Question® is a transformative tool for health and social service providers that starts the conversation about if, when, and under what circumstances women want to get pregnant and have a child. The notion behind One Key Question® is simple: it provides a framework for health providers, social service providers, and champions who support women age 18-50 to routinely ask, “Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?” Though this is a seemingly simple question, the answers are more complex. One Key Question® meets women where they are, by offering four responses: yes, no, ok either way, and unsure. Follow up counseling is patient-centered and can be tailored appropriately based on a woman’s response. One Key Question® is effective because it focuses on understanding a woman’s goals and providing follow-up care based on her response, whether that is for birth control, preconception health, prenatal care, or referral to other services. One Key Question® proactively addresses the root causes of mistimed pregnancies, poor birth outcomes, and disparities in maternal and infant health. It is non-judgmental and equally supports women who want to become pregnant, those who do not, and those who are ambivalent.

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