Promising Practice

On-Demand Telesimulation in Maternal-Newborn Care and Clinical Lactation

State/Jurisdiction: Michigan
Setting: Clinical Virtual
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Telehealth
NPMs: NPM 4: Breastfeeding

On-Demand Telesimulation™ helps healthcare professionals build mastery in clinical lactation and maternal-newborn health. Physicians, medical and nursing students, community health workers, nurses, hospital staff, and aspiring lactation consultants can schedule a video call (i.e. telesimulation) with a live pregnant or lactating patient at any time, any place, or on any device. LiquidGoldConcept has developed 20 diverse case scenarios spanning pregnancy, postpartum care, lactation, and pediatrics with a diverse cast of actor-educators who have been trained to portray different patients. The actor-educator wears the LiquidGoldConcept Lactation Simulation Model in a skin tone that matches their own and holds the LiquidGoldConcept Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator (NORALSim). After the telesimulation, learners receive immediate, tailored feedback on communication, interpersonal, and clinical skills from the actor-educator using a validated formative assessment rubric. Learners then complete an Encounter Documentation and receive feedback from a clinician on decision-making and documentation skills using a validated summative assessment rubric.

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