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Michigan Infant Safe Sleep Statewide Hospital Training Program

State/Jurisdiction: Michigan
Setting: Clinical
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals Infant
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Primary & Preventative Care Workforce Development
NPMs: NPM 5: Safe Sleep

In 2018, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Infant Safe Sleep Program identified birth hospitals as a major point of contact that was underdeveloped. Most Michigan babies are born in hospitals (99 percent), making it an almost universal point of access to reach parents with infant safe sleep education. In 2014, legislation was passed in Michigan requiring that birth hospitals provide infant safe sleep education to parents prior to discharge. Moreover, studies have shown: · Parents model the advice and actions of the nursing staff. · New parents tend to have trust in the nurses who care for their infants. · Practices by nurses in the nursery are one of the most important factors in parents’ determination of and adherence to safe sleep practices. Michigan Infant Safe Sleep Statewide Hospital Training Program wanted to ensure that nurses in birth hospitals were knowledgeable of the 2016 American Academy of Pediatric safe sleep recommendations and how to have effective conversations with families about safe sleep. The program began providing in-person infant safe sleep training and resources specifically to nurses caring for infants within hospitals (such as mother/baby and labor and delivery units). This practice has transitioned to virtual trainings during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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