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Internatal Care Program (ICP)

State/Jurisdiction: Arizona
Setting: Clinical
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Access to Quality Healthcare Reproductive Health Care Coordination

This practice is no longer being implemented. The Internatal Care Program (ICP) provides clinical care, care coordination, and health education/promotion to women with poor birth outcomes. The Internatal Care Program (ICP) goals include: 1) Improve the health of women prior to pregnancy or before pregnancy is recognized, i.e preconception health. This is done by identifying and managing risk factors and conditions that pose a risk to a future pregnancy; and 2) Improve birth outcomes for the women receiving care through the ICP. The practice setting is a clinic-based program at Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS). The program is a replication and an expansion of the Grady Interpregnancy Care Program at Grady Memorial Hospital, which is based on coordinated primary healthcare coupled with social support. The Grady Interpregnancy Care Program also contains facilitated group visits including elements of group prenatal care, Centering Pregnancy. The Program’s planning phase began in 2007, with the first patient seen at the Clinic in February 2008.

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Maricopa Integrated Health System-Phoenix
Dr. Dean Coonrod

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