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Hand in Hand

State/Jurisdiction: National
Setting: Clinical Community School
Population: Children Families & Caregivers
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement

Hand in Hand is aligned with a robust evidence-informed theoretical framework for disrupting trajectories between early life stress and adverse outcomes, and Hand in Hand's set of five concrete parenting/teaching/caregiving tools operationalize the principles of attachment theory, authoritative parenting, and trauma-responsive care. Hand in Hand supports a global network of 185 Certified Instructors serving their local communities across five continents and 225 countries and territories, with materials translated into 14 languages. Hand in Hand Instructors support parents and professionals through local and online classes, talks and workshops, an online community group moderated with real-time support, self-guided classes, a podcast series, support calls, a one-year Instructor Certification program, and professional development trainings for a wide range of professionals. Hand in Hand’s diverse group of Instructors work across a variety of settings (parent education and support, home visiting, early care and education, mental health, primary care, early intervention, child welfare, child care) in a wide range of communities and countries worldwide.

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Hand in Hand Parenting
Maya Coleman
(202) 413-6853
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