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Florida Newborn Screening Results-Online Access System

State/Jurisdiction: Florida
Setting: Clinical Virtual
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals
Topic Area: Safe and Connected Communities Health Screening Health Promotion & Communication

In 2004, a Florida statute was amended by the legislature to allow the Children’s Medical Services to release newborn screening results directly to the child’s primary care physician. Through the Florida Newborn Screening Results program (FSNR), physicians could now access the results of their patients without going through the hospital. The idea to make newborn screening results available online to physicians was introduced in 2005 and it became available to all registered users in late 2008. The goal of this Florida Newborn Screening Results-Online Access System online component is to develop an online system that can be accessed 24 hours a day by the child’s primary care physician to obtain newborn screening results.

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Florida Department of Health Information Technology
Dusty Edwards

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