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Family Voices of California Project Leadership

State/Jurisdiction: California
Setting: Community
Population: Families & Caregivers
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement Health Promotion & Communication Workforce Development
NPMs: NPM 12: Transition

The vision of Family Voices of California Project Leadership is that families of CYSHCN and consumers will be able to effect health care program improvement, systems change, and lasting reforms. The overall goal of this project is to increase the number of family members of CYSHCN who are prepared and supported to become advocates for health care policy and service improvements. Family Voices of California (FVCA) formulated the Project Leadership curriculum and mentoring program to meet the unique challenges of California’s size and its highly diverse population of families of CYSHCN. Project Leadership was designed to help family members develop the skills and resources they need to partner at all levels and to engage in public policy advocacy activities in California on behalf of CYSHCN. Project Leadership is comprised of a seven session comprehensive training curriculum plus support services that include mentorship, information, and linkages with FVCA’s statewide network.

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Family Voices of California
Elaine Linn, FVCA Project Leadership Manager
(916) 799-6438
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