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Family Centered Shared Care Planning Assessment Tool

State/Jurisdiction: Oregon
Setting: Community
Population: CYSHCN Medical & Public Health Professionals
Topic Area: Care Coordination
NPMs: NPM 11: Medical Home NPM 12: Transition

The Family-Centered Shared Care Planning Assessment (FCSCPA) tool is a self-scoring electronic assessment that prompts Shared Care Planning teams to facilitate quality improvement and reflect upon their values and processes. For teams who prefer it, a paper version is available. The tool asks teams to explore ten core values of patient/family-centered shared care planning by scoring items associated with these values. This provides opportunity for shared care planning teams to reflect on how they operationalize core values of family-centered care and score themselves by consensus. Resulting scores provide feedback to teams that they can use to prioritize their quality improvement efforts. The assessment tool is meant to be completed by at least two experienced or long-term professional members of a shared care planning team. The FCSCPA tool elevates the shared care planning process by taking it beyond the process of shared care planning and shifting the paradigm to ensure families are truly at the center of shared care planning and are full partners in their child’s care.

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