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Cultivating Connections through Coordinated Referral Networks

State/Jurisdiction: Kansas
Setting: Community Virtual
Population: Families & Caregivers Medical & Public Health Professionals
Topic Area: Safe and Connected Communities Care Coordination

Families experience a wide range of needs that affect their overall health and well-being. However, public health, healthcare, and social service systems often operate in siloes, leading to ineffective collaboration and unnecessary barriers for families. To address this challenge, Kansas Title V supports the use a web-based referral tool, the Integrated Referral and Intake System (IRIS), paired with Cultivating Connections, a community-centered approach for implementing and sustaining a coordinated referral network. This local approach to developing collaborative networks across the state aims to improve referral outcomes and access to the multi-sector services parents and children need for healthy development throughout their life and across generations.

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University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and Research
Loretta Severin

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