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Connections™ Program

State/Jurisdiction: Tennessee
Setting: Clinical
Population: Families & Caregivers Infant
Topic Area: Health Promotion & Communication

The Connections™ Program uses our diaper donations to promote increased engagement by parents and caregivers in healthcare routines that are proven to improve the health outcomes of their children, specifically well-child visits and recommended immunizations. We make diapers available at our FQHC Clinic Connections™ Partners. These Clinics provide 50 diapers to parents who bring their diaper age child (or children) for well-child visits, recommended immunizations, or developmental screenings. Parents are eligible for these diapers at each of the encounters recommended in the “Bright Futures” schedule published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. When more children receive the recommended care, vaccination rates increase, EPSDT rates increase, and key screenings increase. Many parents are introduced to our Clinic Connections™ partners as a result of our diapers. We believe many will stay for the quality care our Partner Clinics provide.

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