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Community Engagement Assessment Tool

State/Jurisdiction: National Wisconsin
Setting: Community Workplace
Population: Medical & Public Health Professionals
Topic Area: Family & Youth Engagement

Family, youth and community engagement is a core value of all of our MCH/CYSHCN programs. Through programs across the country there are many different ways in which services are provided to our citizens. But what about engagement? Is there a way we can assess and incorporate increased engagement throughout all of our MCH and CYSHCN programs? We have created a Community Engagement Assessment Tool which can be used by all MCH and CYSHCN programs to enhance engagement. We know from the evidence that family, youth and community engagement improves planning and policies, resulting in services more directly responsive to the needs of the people we serve. Our Community Engagement Assessment Tool is based on six components of engagement with 14 different indicators of engagement. All MCH programs can use this assessment to evaluate how well they are doing engaging with the people that they serve. We built in autonomy for agencies to select an indicator of engagement to improve. Each program creates their own action plan based on their own assessment with people who have lived experience. This tool looks at engagement from the perspective of those with lived experience.

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