Emerging Practice

Champion Dyad Initiative

State/Jurisdiction: California
Setting: Clinical Community
Population: Women & Maternal
Topic Area: Reproductive Health
NPMs: NPM 3: Risk-Appropriate Perinatal Care

The Champion Dyad Initiative (CDI) is a quality improvement initiative SisterWeb has led since 2019. Through the CDI, SisterWeb facilitates monthly sessions with one or two “champions” working within the San Francisco maternal health care systems where Black and Latinx mothers receive perinatal care. CDI sessions are a mechanism to establish and develop institutional and interpersonal relationships that result in women of color receiving fair and equitable treatment during their births and pregnancies and to elevate the professionalism and dignity of community doulas within clinical settings. CDI sessions create opportunities for bidirectional feedback between SisterWeb and maternal care providers, for Black and Latinx clients to give input about the hospital setting and the care they received, and to integrate doulas as core members of care teams and systems.

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