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State/Jurisdiction: New York
Setting: School
Population: Adolescents & Young Adults
Topic Area: Nutrition & Physical Activity
NPMs: NPM 8.2: Physical Activity – Ages 12 to 17

The prevalence of obesity in the United States is ~1 in 5 in 2-19 year-old children and adolescents, and the most severe forms of obesity are increasing. The Bronx, which is the nation’s poorest urban county, has the highest proportion of children living below poverty in the United States. Bronx residents have low health care access and more health issues, including high rates of obesity among school-age children. B’N Fit was created to provide a safe environment for community teens in the Bronx, NY in need of comprehensive weight loss services. The program offers adolescents an evidenced- based medical evaluation and management as well as a place to go after school where they can learn how to adopt lifelong healthful nutrition and physical activity habits.

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Children’s Hospital at Montefiore/Montefiore Health Systems
Jessica Rieder
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