This 30-minute quick learn course was created by AMCHP staff Laura Powis who completed the CDC E-Learning Institute Fellowship. As a part of this six-month fellowship, Laura created a course on “Shifting Power in Practice: Strategies for Centering People with Lived Experience When Making Evidence-Based Decisions” using best practices in e-learning, adult learning theory, and instructional design. This course is primarily designed for Title V professionals, but is also relevant for local MCH professionals and advocates invested in improving maternal and child health outcomes. For questions, please email:

Course objectives:

  1. Understand the role of contextual, experiential, and research evidence in demonstrating both the effectiveness and appropriateness of a practice to meet the needs of a specific population.
  2. Strengthen critical thinking skills needed to consider evidence comprehensively and to ensure that evidence is used to support decisions in ways that advance equity and center people with lived experience.
  3. Apply the Six Considerations Planning Tool to a case study to ensure people with lived experience are centered during the evidence-based decision-making process.

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