AMCHP Releases Organizational Commitment to Workplace Well-Being
May 16, 2023


Washington, D.C. – To mark Mental Health Month, AMCHP commits to workplace well-being.

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) is committed to promoting well-being in the workplace. AMCHP’s Mental Health Team, a cross-cutting internal workgroup, championed the development of AMCHP’s Organizational Commitment to Workplace Well-Being. The driving purposes of the Organizational Commitment are to establish AMCHP’s ongoing commitment to uncover workplace well-being disparities, promote meaningful change in organizational policies, practices, and culture, and develop resources to improve workplace well-being.  

“Interrogating how we can make AMCHP a better work environment is a core priority for me, our leadership team, and our community at large,” said Terrance E. Moore, Chief Executive Officer at AMCHP. “For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic uncovered myriad opportunities for organizations to reimagine the centrality of mental and emotional health in our work ecosystems and ways to center enabling policies and shift organizational culture.” 

“Creating a healthy workplace culture of trust is vital in addressing employee well-being,” said Nikeisha Ogletree, Chief Operating Officer at AMCHP. “The intentionality and collaborative process through which our Organizational Commitment to Workplace Well-Being was developed is indicative of the environment we are cultivating and hope to model for all our members and partners.” 

The title of the Organizational Commitment—Creating a Workplace Environment Supportive of Well-Being—and priority areas are intentionally written in continuous tense to highlight AMCHP’s work in the past, present, and future. The organizational commitment guides the work of the organization and the Mental Health Team. 

Priority Areas:  

  1. Creating a culture of support 
  2. Integrating wellness in the workplace 
  3. Promoting wellness into the employee benefits package 
  4. Uncovering disparities in workplace wellness 

AMCHP will be internally and externally transparent in its commitment to workplace well-being. We hope our public-facing commitment holds us accountable and encourages other maternal and child health (MCH) organizations, departments, and entities to make similar commitments and investments in workplace well-being. 

Amani Echols, AMCHP Policy Manager on the Health Systems Transformation Team and Chair of the Mental Health Team, said, “The public health and MCH fields tend to attract individuals with a giving spirit, which can expedite feelings of burnout in our professional lives. I appreciate working at an organization that encourages staff to figuratively replenish our cups not merely to pour into others but into ourselves and thrive individually.” 

View AMCHP’s Organizational Commitment: Creating a Workplace Environment Supportive of Well-Being.